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+1 (714) 400-1261

I am a Workers Compensation Defense Attorney with over 19 years of California workers compensation experience between the practice of law and claims administration.  I am proud to be a founding partner of MSKW. Prior to becoming an attorney, I was a senior workers compensation claims examiner for over 6 years. Based on my experience level and litigation results, I have been chosen as a panel attorney for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Large corporations have substantial reserves allocated for their California workers compensation claims.  As a defense attorney, I focus on mitigating claims exposure by moving the cases to finalization as quickly as possible. This is done by effective file management, collaboration with the claims team and employer, and aggressive pursuit of case closure through litigation and/or preemptive resolution. 


Outside of work, my passion is my family.  I am married to my amazing wife, Theary, and have two incredible children, Maia and Joshua.  Over the last 12 years, I have become a master Minecraft/Roblox player, Pokémon card procurer, and enjoy spending Saturdays and Sundays watching them play soccer and basketball.

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