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+1 (818) 821-5898

I am very proud to be a part of MSKW.  I have been practicing Workers Compensation defense for nearly 20 years.  I have been fortunate to work in both very small, and very large firms, and represent a variety of clients.  I have represented public entities and self-insureds, as well as insurance carriers and TPAs.  I have always loved the field of Worker's Compensation because so much can be accomplished with a phone call.  Whether it is a  settlement, or a single issue resolution, I always strive to get a great result while minimizing the need for lengthy litigation.


I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, with a degree in Political Science, then went to University fo LaVerne and earned a Paralegal Certificate, and finally to Western State University College of Law for my J.D.  I worked full time in retail and in government while going through school, so I understand the value of effective time management and focus.


I am fortunate to get to spend my free time with my husband, Erik, my three cats, and my family, who are all nearby.  I love to attend concerts, go to coffee shops, and travel the United States (Mt. Rushmore with my Dad, and Colonial Williamsburg were two of my favorties).   Anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes will also know that I have a special passion for the best band to have ever existed, Duran Duran.  

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