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We all have ups and downs, but I think that a fresh perspective can really minimize the downs and maximize the ups, and I try to bring that positivity to the workplace.  Just because we call it “work” does not mean that it must be work. 


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I graduated from UCLA with a degree in History for my undergraduate education before graduating from Loyola Law School.

I have been defending Workers’ Compensation claims since 2011, and I instantly felt that the industry was a good fit for my personality and willingness to work with others.  Frequently the most effective defense of a claim will rely on relationships between attorneys, Judges, secretaries, really everyone involved in a case, and I have used my irresistible charm to effectuate results for my clients, from quick closures to aggressive litigation, where warranted. 


I have spent a significant amount of time defending complicated continuous trauma claims with multiple employers and carriers, which has resulted in keen analytical skills for those types of claims, and increased scrutiny for more straightforward claims. 


I believe that balance and perspective are critical aspects for a successful existence, both inside and outside the office.  To that end, I spend a lot of my free time playing guitar, trying to live out my dreams of being a heavy metal superstar (albeit in a part-time capacity).  Other than that, I take advantage of the amazing Southern California climate by getting to the beach as often as possible in the summer, and going snowboarding as often as possible in the winter.  

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