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We specialize in aggressive litigation defense of workers compensation matters while taking advantage of opportunities for early case resolution which generate cost savings for our clients.


Our firm diligently litigates MPN issues, post-termination and good faith personnel action defenses, AOE/COE disputes, and medical treatment disputes. Our attorneys are also well versed in the defense of California Labor Code 132a and Serious and Willful Misconduct issues.


We zealously litigate cases in which fraud is suspected or when injury is clearly not industrial in nature.  We work hand in hand with SIU to prepare fraudulent cases for submission to the appropriate county District Attorney.


Our firm handles statewide subrogation in all 58 counties of California.

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Misa Stefen Koller Ward, LLP, was founded by four highly experienced defense attorneys who now have over 60 years of combined California workers compensation litigation expertise.  We are passionate about and dedicated to our clients, which shows in the handling of our client's cases.  We know that our clients deserve the highest level of customer service and responsiveness.   As a smaller firm, we believe smaller caseloads allow our attorneys to be proactive rather than reactive: resulting in cases moving to closure faster, which yields cost savings for our clients. We created a law firm that is more than just a business. It is a long-term commitment and relationship with our clients and their business partners.  We are a law firm of attorneys who practice with honesty, integrity, and transparency.  We have the highest expectations for ourselves and want to give our clients the same level of service we expect to receive.  


At Misa Stefen Koller Ward, LLP, we are a family and we treat our staff and attorneys as family.  Our employees deserve the same respect, appreciation and responsiveness we provide our clients.   

"The level of our success is only limited by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."

- Aesop

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